mechatronics SERVICES

Design Expertise in Mechatronics & Automotive Trims

  • Mechatronics & other automotive component design expertise​
  • Automotive Interior and Exterior Plastic Trims​
  • Structural & Functional Plastics sub-assy​
  • Expertise in CATIA & NX

Verolt’s plastics team has extensive experience across the plastics value chain in the Automotive industry. The team has been working closely with the automotive industry and has extensive vehicle knowledge, including the understanding of the environment and mechanical stresses. Our team has a deep understanding of the Quality of Molded components and how it is embedded in the molding process, design, manufacture of tools and choice of polymers.​

  • Automotive Trim Design  Capability
  • A complete product design solution ​
  • Design with respect to the vehicle regulations and customer standards​
  • Concept design​
  • Master section, Packaging, and integration​
  • DFA, DFM, GD&T and tolerance stack up​
  • 2D drawing creation and detailing.​
  • Product structure and data management​
  • DMU and Kinematics​
  • B- Side Feature Design and Modelling​
  • Tooling Optimization​

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CAE – Meshing, Moldflow & Structural Analysis

  • CAE virtual validation​
  • Meshing- FE modeling​
  • Mold flow CFD Analysis​
  • Structural Analysis​
  • Expertise in Hypermesh, Moldflow, Ansys​

We offer significant capabilities in CAE/CFD to support product development.​​

Our team is skilled in using event-based simulations of static and dynamic non-linear systems to analyze a variety of products. VEROLT has extensive experience in plastic flow simulation and optimization. our domain expertise allows the engineers to interpret results and provide the optimal solutions to molding parameters.​​

  • Computer-Aided Engineering capabilities​​
  • Meshing-FE Modeling​
  • Modal Analysis​
  • Dynamic Analysis​
  • Mold flow analysis and part optimization​

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Manufacturing Engineering​

  • Extensive Product Engineering ​
  • Tool Design and sourcing support​
  • Design for Assembly /Manufacturing​
  • APQP implementation and documentation experience​
  • DFMEA 

Verolt’s senior and operating management have extensive manufacturing experience and has expertise in cutting edge manufacturing practices and processes. We ensure that our manufacturing knowledge and culture is deeply embedded in our design process and customer deliveries. ​​

Our tooling engineers have extensive knowledge of tool design, including insert molding and 2 shot molds. They are backed up by a team of experienced SMEs who bring the latest technology trends into all our design processes. Our Engineers are equipped to study and adapt quickly to tool design standards followed by Customers.​​

  • Manufacturing Engineering capabilities
  • Tool Design​
  • Jigs and fixtures Design​
  • Discrete assembly process layout ​
  • Single piece  flow and cycle time reduction ​
  • Mistake Proofing ​
  • PFMEA​

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Quality Expertise​ ​

  • D & PFMEA ​
  • IPO ( Input Process Output Control)​
  • Root Cause Analysis using 7QC tools​
  • SPC, MSA​
  • Poka-Yoke/ Kaizen ​
  • PPAP​

Verolt provides global specialist automotive quality engineering and supplier quality assurance services. Our Quality engineering team consists of automotive engineers and supplier quality engineers with experience in manufacturing, production management, and international automotive quality standards.​​

  • Quality expertise capabilities​​
  • D & PFMEA ​
  • IPO ( Input Process Output Control)​
  • Root Cause Analysis using 7QC tools​
  • SPC, MSA​
  • Poka-Yoke/ Kaizen ​
  • PPAP

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Software Integration and Hardware design expertise​

  • I/O interfaces​
  • Signal processing​
  • Embedded Control​
  • Low EMI/RFI design​
  • Power mgmt/Thermal mgmt​
  • High density multi layer (12+) PCB design

VEROLT specializes in Software Integration and Hardware design, In Software integration, Our Expertise is in  I/O interfaces, Signal processing, Embedded Control. In Hardware design, we specialize in cost-effective qualified embedded hardware development solutions for customers requiring high-reliability coupled with aggressive timelines. ​​

  • Competence
  • 32-bit µP based design (TI, ARM, NXP, PIC, Renesas)​
  • Low EMI/RFI design​
  • Power mgmt/Thermal mgmt​
  • High speed digital and analog circuits​
  • Mixed speed and signal tech​
  • High-density multi-layer (12+) PCB design​
  • μBGA, fine pitch, microVia PCB technology​

  • Services & Tools
  • PCBA Schematic design​
  • Layout design​
  • Cadence allegro​
  • OrCAD​

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VAVE & Benchmarking​

  • Reverse engineering​
  • VAVE solutions​
  • Benchmarking​
  • Tolerance Stack-up analysis​
  • Documentation and technical publications​

Verolt provides solutions in vehicle benchmarking and our highly skilled VAVE team has expertise providing alternate design solutions and innovative ideas that add value to the product.​​​

  • VAVE & Benchmarking capabilities​​
  • Reverse engineering​
  • VAVE solutions​
  • Benchmarking​
  • Tolerance Stack-up analysis​
  • Documentation and technical publications​

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