Navjeet Kaur – Bengaluru

Before joining Verolt, I was really nervous to start my work again as I was newly married. But Verolt has changed my life totally, as it has given me perfect work and life balance. I got the full motivation to share my ideas and bring them into implementations. Seniors understand...

Anjali Dhamani – Pune

It's an amazing experience to be part of the Verolt family. With great team members and work culture, Verolt has created a positive work environment where I feel confident to learn and explore new dimensions. The autonomy to work gives me a sense of ownership and belonging.

Aashish Sakrikar – Pune

At Verolt, we believe in “doing things differently” and not “doing different things”. Challenging the norms and conventions in everything we do without fear of failure is a way of life and culture at Verolt. The ideology is “Enjoy the Journey as much as the Destination”.    Life at Verolt is full of excitement with limitless opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally.