Advanced driver-assistance systems


Software Development

  • AUTOSAR based ECU Software developmentSystem Requirement Analysis
    • System & SW Architecture design
    • Application & BSW development
    • Software Integration & Testing

  • ECU Development Focus
  • Contribution to the AUTOSAR community
  • Safe, Secure and Optimized Automotive systems
  • Configurable design to manage variants - Enabling quick TtM
  • Robust and well defined development processes

  • AUTOSAR  Development
  • Expertise in Body Control Modules, Engine Management Systems and Battery Management Systems
  • Scalable and Maintainable SW design
  • Model based development and auto code generation
  • Complex Device Driver (CDD) development
  • In-Vehicle networking & diagnostics services
  • AUTOSAR RTE, BSW, and MCAL development
  • Software module, Integration and functional testing
  • MISRA compliant C code development expertise
  • Expertise in AUTOSAR toolchain from Vector

  • Stack  Development
  • Expertise in developing CAN stack for High speed CAN, CAN FD and fault tolerant CAN
  • Expertise in LIN, SPI, I2C
  • Integration, configuration, and customization of diagnostics stack(UDS, OBD2)
  • Integration of 3rd party automotive stacks
  • Communication & I/O Drivers development

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Functional Safety

  • Safety Consultancy
  • Safety Development
  • Safety Verification

  • Safety Consultancy
  • Safety Audits and Pre ‚ÄďAssessments
  • Gap Analysis between ISO 26262 and Current Customer Process
  • Migration from Non-Safe to Safety compliant process
  • Guidance in Sys/SW/HW design and implementation as per various ASIL levels

  • Safety Development
  • Item definition
  • Preparation of
    1. HARA
    2. Functional Safety Requirements
    3. Functional Safety Concept
  • Preparation of
    1. Technical Safety Requirements
    2. Technical Safety Concept

  • Safety Verification
  • Verification of SW/HW requirement and design
  • Safety Tool qualification

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  • Embedded C
  • Model Based Design
  • SysML / UML
  • Linux / QNX


Development Process

  • Process
  • V Model development
  • Agile